I will go anywhere for “The Shot”

My greatest passion is to bring to you unedited and unfiltered canvases!! Born on the East Coast and raised on the West Coast, my love for capturing sun kissed

moments started at age 7 with a Kodak Instamatic. Drawn to secret beach spots from Los Angeles to San Diego, California, I pride myself in keeping these

moments as true to what the natural eye sees. Please escape into this wonderland of true colors, and into a beautiful space free of today’s concerns. 


 My images are purposefully captured in a way to encourage and promote healing 

The endless reflections of light and colors invite you to lose yourself in their tranquility. My goal is to share and spread these beautiful pictures around the world.

Whether you hang a stainless steel print in your home, a combination of calming colors in your office, or a print in every room of your Hospital or Senior Care Center to

promote wellness. My vision is to create a space for peace and calm to these much needed environments.


Let’s collaborate!!! 

I have intentionally captured these stunning landscape images in a way that leaves space to write those messages you have always had the passion to share.

Can you envision the words to your music being displayed across one of these beautiful images, bringing your words and this natural wonder together in perfect

harmony? Use these timeless images to enhance your guided or instrumental meditations.

Let’s do this together!

More of Our Work

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